*Styles Include*


Acrobatics is a popular class where dance students learn a combination of tumbling, balance, contortion and apparatus work. As they master cartwheels, handstands and aerials, they will progress to learning more challenging tricks as their confidence and strength develops.

Pre-requisite: Jazz or Classical Ballet within the Academy.

A.P.A.S examinations in acrobatics are available as an option.

Classical RAD Ballet

Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance. From a young age children can learn the secrets behind this graceful art form while improving their core strength, posture, body awareness and flexibility. As students master this discipline, they can build the foundation needed to become a strong technical dancer.

All ages and abilities are welcome.


Jazz is a popular and broad style of dance that can offer students a dynamic and fun way to express themselves. Often performed to popular music, the students will be taught important foundations for dance through combinations, isolation's, kicks, turns and leaps. Jazz increases flexibility, strength and co-ordination as students work towards becoming confident performers.

A.P.A.S examinations in Jazz are available as an option.


Tap is a fun class suitable for all ages and allows the feet to become percussion instruments. Students will develop rhythmic co-ordination as they master the foundations of tap and progress to tricky combinations of fancy footwork. Tap routines are an entertaining part the end of year concert.

A.P.A.S examinations in Tap are available as an option.


Contemporary dance is a creative and expressive style of dance that incorporates elements of classical, jazz and lyrical. Our style of contemporary has a current, modern influence and is based on the foundations of Balanchine & Martha Graham.

Pre-requisite: Classical Ballet or Jazz within the Academy.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a popular street style dance that is usually performed to Hip Hop music. The elements of house, urban, breaking, locking, popping and grooves are explored during classes where students will be encouraged to express their personality as their individual style evolves. Students will get their funk on as they learn sequences and work towards performances.

Musical Theatre

Speech, drama and singing. This class is great for those students wanting to boost their self-confidence and can also help prepare those aspiring performers and future leaders. This class covers speech skills for public speaking, voice projection and diction, as well as vocal singing skills and drama through; acting skills, poetry, monologue, mime and puppetry.

A.P.A.S examinations in Musical Theatre are available as an option.

Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness Class

Take some time for yourself to move, tone and stretch! Gently burn fat in a safe and fun class that aims to increase core strength and tone all muscle groups. Tension will melt away from tight and sore muscles through stretching, lengthening and deep breathing. Adult classes will finish with relaxation so you can leave feeling calm and focused.

All fitness levels welcome.

JFH- Jazz Funk Hip Hop 

Jazz Funk Hip Hop is a combination of jazz and hip hop. The focus of this class is fun but will also provide the opportunity to learn new skills and improve coordination.

Stretch & Conditioning 

Flexibility and core strength will be improved through this class resulting in lengthened muscles that have more power, elasticity, and control. Posture and alignment will also improve through greater flexibility and provide a greater range of movement in joints, which can help prevent injuries. As students breathe deeply and focus on correct technique, blood flow and circulation will improve and tension will melt



Specialised Tiny Tots Classes

Early Years Dance, Fun & Fitness

Our programs for young children will engage their body, mind and emotions, providing a creative outlet to express themselves in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

Dance and fitness programs are essential in the hi-tech world our children are growing up in. Tiny Tots Tumblers and Baby Ballet can have many benefits for a child's development. Regular attendance can:

* Improve confidence, social skills and memory

* Improve gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance and musicality

* Develop body awareness, body control and spacial awareness

* Improve well-being through fun and fitness

* Develop flexibility and core strength

* Begin an interest and enjoyment for exercise and movement that can  contribute to better health in later years.

Tiny Tots Tumblers:

2 ½  - 5 Year old boys and girls


A fun, play based class that introduces young children to movement, music and simple tumbling skills. Students will learn basic dance steps, rolls, cartwheels etc and work towards learning a dance routine. Listening and social skills will develop as they work together as a team.


Tiny Tots Ballet:

2 ½  - 5 Year old boys and girls


For those princess's that love to twirl and dance. Children will learn early foundations for ballet in a fun way. Through popular music from their favourite movies and imaginary activities, little girls will be able to express themselves and discover their inner performer while working towards their end of year concert item.



We offer the option of exams with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) and the Australian Performing Arts Syllabus (A.P.A.S). Exams are for students of all ages and abilities. The syllabi that is taught offers students a standard to achieve. During their journey to learn their exam work, students develop resilience, and their confidence grows as they achieve their goals. Exams also give students the benefit of building a portfolio. The skills they learn and grades they complete can be recognised by tertiary institutions, dance companies and can later form a pathway to teaching.

Royal Academy of Dance:

The R.A.D is recognised all over the world for their high standard and commitment to supporting dance. It is the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education.

Australian Performing Arts Syllabus:

A.P.A.S a Theatrical Syllabus offering examinations in:

  • Jazz

  • Tap

  • Acrobatics

  • Modelling

  • Musical Theatre (speech & drama)

  • Classical Ballet